Project Description

Welcome to the world of Business Intelligence

This guide is intended for software architects and developers who are developing Business Intelligence applications on the Microsoft .NET Framework using SQL Server 2005 - Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services and Microsoft Office

This guide consists of the following chapters, each of which deals with a specific issue relevant to business intelligence. Each chapter is designed to be read, in whole or in part, according to your needs.

• BI Framework
• Data Extraction
• Data Staging
• Data Transformations and Data Quality
• Data Loading
• Dimensional Modeling
• Data Partitions
• Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
• Data Mining

This is exploratory work accomplished by Patterns and Practices Group of Microsoft. There are no planned updates to this content. But the group is open for any discussions on the guide. This guide was originally published in gotdotnet site, downloaded hits ~10000. Moved to codeplex cause gotdotnet got phased out.

Content Authors:
Program Manager: Srinath Vasireddy (Microsoft)
Dev Architect: Chakrapani Kotipalli (Microsoft)

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